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Services include: enterprise value appraisal, intangible asset appraisal, mining rights appraisal, other assets appraisal and financial services, etc.

1. Enterprise value appraisal

Mostly occurring in value appraisal services of such economic activities as corporate M&A and reorganization, corporate restructuring, issuing shares in the capital market, equity transfer, Sino-foreign joint ventures and Sino-foreign cooperation, employee stock ownership plan, management buyouts and so on, providing a comprehensive analysis of enterprises and digging out the full potential value of enterprises.

2. Intangible asset appraisal

Appraisal of intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, proprietary technology, franchises, sea use rights, software, copyrights and so on.

3. Mining rights appraisal

As one of the executive member units of Chinese Association of Mineral Resources Appraisers (CAMRA), the Company has so far exclusively undertaken the largest number of appraisal cases of resource-based enterprises in China’s domestic appraisal sector. Mine types relating to mining rights include coal, ferrous metals (iron and manganese, etc.), non-ferrous metals (lead zinc, tungsten and molybdenum, etc.), precious metal ore (gold, silver and platinum group elements, etc.), non-metallic minerals (limestone and dolomite, etc.), rare earths and oil and gas, etc. Main businesses cover all acts of transfer of mining rights, including the sale, capital contribution, cooperative exploration and exploitation, reorganization and restructuring and listing, etc.

4. Other assets appraisal

Appraisal of tangible assets, like machinery and equipment, professional productivity, buildings and current assets. Appraisal of land and real estate; value consulting of land and real estate; project investment planning and feasibility studies; real estate information consulting, brokerage and so on.

5. Financial services

Pre-loan appraisal, dynamic monitoring of collateral (pledge) asset value during the loan period, asset appraisal of disposed collateral (pledge), asset securitization, cash flow forecasting, proxy consulting business and so on.

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