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Appraisal projects cover a variety of economic behaviors

Appraisal projects completed by the Company involve a variety of economic behaviors, such as corporate restructuring and listing, mergers and acquisitions, Sino-foreign joint ventures, mortgaged or pledged loans and legal proceedings. Herein, projects related to restructuring, issuing and listing, M&A of listed companies, capital injection and other securities industry-related businesses, account for over 80% of the entire projects. Take 2,600-plus listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges for example: 20% of them are CEA’s clients. When it comes to asset appraisal of large SOE reorganization and overseas listing, CEA accounts for about 60%.

Appraisal services cover extensive industries

Our clients basically are distributed across all walks of life, in particular in telecommunications, petroleum & petrochemical, energy, electric power, automotive, electronics, steel, tourism, medicine, infrastructure, IT and other fields, where we have accumulated a wealth of experience and many successful cases. At the same time, we have conducted work positively and fruitfully in the industries presenting new challenges for asset appraisal, like finance, insurance and high-tech industries, etc.

Appraisal services span across a wide geographical regions

nearly 1,000 appraisal projects every year. CEA has set up special appraisal information website, accumulated a lot of basic information concerning appraisal, developed the specialized appraisal software and established a comprehensive appraisal database, which is beneficial to providing accurate reference data for determining appraisal value, and ensuring the high-speed, efficiency, high-quality of appraisal work.

Large-scale assets of appraisal projects

For several times, the Company exclusively undertook projects with an asset size of exceeding several hundred billions yuan, and completed the appraisals on schedule with high quality, thus receiving praises from relevant state-owned asset regulators and industry experts. Of the appraisal projects completed by CEA, SOEs directly under the central government accounts for 80%, such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tietong, China Netcom, PICC, COSCO Group, China International Aviation Group and China Southern Airlines.

Strong professionalism of appraisal projects

The Company has a strong expertise in many areas of appraisal. Through long-term accumulation of practical experience and research of business characteristics, we have summarized a set of unique appraisal theory and operation methods in appraisal work in the fields such as telecommunications, petroleum and petrochemicals, railways, aviation, steel and finance. In this regard, we have an unparalleled advantage over other appraisal institutions.

Many specific areas of appraisal projects

Appraisal projects undertaken by the Company involve many specific areas, such as military industry’s secret, shipbuilding, forest resources, game software, film and television media, Internet advertising and foreign business appraisal. There is less useful experience that can be taken reference in the above specific areas. Appraisals of some certain industries are still in the initial stage, carrying higher risk. Valuers in the Company have made painstaking research, fully utilized existing resources, actively researched and developed new appraisal approaches, and tried a variety of different ways for conducting appraisal work, thus ultimately providing satisfactory services to various clients and meeting their different needs.

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